Wrapped Garland Bouquets


8 Days Notice Required

One of our most popular designs! These bouquets are always welcomed with such smiles and surprise, as their decorative effects capture the look of elaborate organic balloon garland styles, yet are wrapped in a beautifully presented package, the perfect size to gift a loved one, a friend, family, or a great way to say thank-you. 

Choose your style and colours, add a helium heart or star, age or some beautifully decorative twisted flowers. 

Note: Pictures here show a variety of bouquets with and without different add on’s. At times we may need to substitute balloons for a very similar colour / style.  Every design is unique and slightly different. The pictures we provide are a good guide as to the size and approximate shape. Not something you find in a standard balloon shop! These balloons can last for weeks if kept in a balloon friendly environment. Please check our balloon care guide for best results. Helium balloons are treated with hi-float and will last approx. 36 hours – 5 days. 



Please choose balloon up to 3 colours for your bouquet. See our colour chart in pictures or download here. (At times our artist will add complimentary colours to fill out design.) Please note all other decorative elements of your bouquet will be matched to these colours.

Add birthday numbers / age balloons

Type the age you would like to include with your bouquet

Please select the sentiment for your balloon bouquet. This balloon sits in the centre of your bouquet and will be matched closely to your chosen balloon colours.

Bouquet Add-ons

Make that bouquet surprise extra special by including some decorative elements. Please note: all colours of ad on’s will be matched to the colours you choose above

Add a hand twisted character to your bouquet. What character would you like?

Add a custom vinyl image to your wrapped garland bouquet. The image is printed either on a foil heart, foil round or foil star

Please specify any additional notes you would like us to know about your order

Delivery Information

Please provide delivery information as accurately as you can to ensure that your bouquet is delivered to where it should

Full name of person or company – Leave blank for anonymous

Full name of person or company

Best contact to verify delivery

Add a custom message to your bouquet – Leave blank for no message

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