Create your own Helium Balloon Clusters – Confetti


Create Your Own Helium Bouquet!

48 hours notice required

Choose 1 Confetti colour and 2 Latex colours!

Your balloon clusters are available in the following combo’s:

5 Balloons (includes 2 confetti, and 3 fashion latex balloons)

7 Balloons (includes 3 confetti, and 4 fashion latex balloons)

9 Balloons (includes 3 confetti, and 6 fashion latex balloons)

12 Balloons (includes 6 confetti, and 6 fashion latex balloons)

You can customise your bouquet by choosing up to 2 latex colours and 1 confetti colour. Your cluster will come with a balloon weight, and your balloons are treated with hi-float, this extends the float time. You can expect your balloons to last from 36 hours – 5 days. Check out our balloon care guide to get the most out of your balloons.

Note: Balloon colours may vary due to screen / phone variations. At times we may need to substitute for a very similar product. Please check out terms and conditions before placing an order.

How many balloons would you like in your cluster?

Choose your colours

Choose two latex colours and one confetti colour. Check our colour charts in pictures, or download here

Please select the first colour for your balloon bouquet

Please select another colour for your balloon bouquet

Choose your confetti colour, paper confetti not available with hi-float balloons

Delivery Information

Please provide delivery information as accurately as you can to ensure that your bouquet is delivered to where it should

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Full name of person or company

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