Balloon Care Guide

Here at the Balloon Hive we pride ourselves on using the best quality balloons on the market. This certainly helps with their longevity and looking their best, but there are some things you can do to ensure you get the most out of your beautiful balloons.

  • Direct Sun, Direct Heat
    Balloons don’t like direct sun or direct heat. It’s best to keep them out of those areas to prevent them from popping, changing colour, changing texture, going dull or cloudy. NOTE: Helium expands in the heat. Warm or hot temperatures can bring balloons down faster than their proper float time and may result in popping. Foil balloons may expand in heat and pop.



  • Carrying Bouquets
    Many of the air-filled bouquets need to be carried with care. Although we secure them, if not carried with care they can break / pull apart. Always carry a balloon bouquet from the bottom. Never carry them by just picking up a foil number, foil balloon, twisted character, or attachment. The bouquets are weighted at the bottom.


  • Ceilings
    Certain ceiling textures and fixtures may cause balloons to pop. e.g. (stucco, soundboard, rough ceiling, cedar, sprinkler nozzles halogen lighting, etc.) Regular light bulbs may not pop balloons. If you are not sure if your balloons will pop on your ceiling, it may be an idea to test it out before your event.


  • Foil Balloons 
    Foil balloons shrink when placed in cold air or air conditioning and fill back out when placed in warmth. Try and keep their temperature consistent. Foil balloons can keep for weeks if kept in ideal conditions.


  • Latex Balloons 
    Our latex balloons are biodegradable. They oxidize and become cloudy if in direct sun, or over time. Clear balloons become cloudy. Heat, sun and high humidity can accelerate this process. Latex balloons are not reusable. Please be responsible and pin and bin.


  • Floating Time 
    Typically a standard latex helium balloon will last approximately 8-10 hours depending on heat and humidity. Treated with “Hi-Float” these balloons will last 2-3 days.  Exposure to warm temperatures can reduce the float time. Foil balloons generally last a week and sometimes more. Unlike latex balloons, foil balloons hate the cold. If you have a foil balloon in air conditioning or a cold place, for a period of time, it WILL slowly deflate on you. Hi-Float is safe, nontoxic, water soluble and biodegradable used to extend the float time of latex balloons. Please note we do not use Hi-Float in our paper confetti balloons.


  • Air Filled Balloons  
    Air filled latex balloons will last weeks if kept in a balloon friendly environment.


  • Pets
    Keep your balloons away from your furry friends. They can pop the balloons and it could be dangerous for them. Keep a close eye on them or keep your balloons in a separate room from the pets. Safety is important to ensure they don’t ingest the balloons.


  • Outdoors 
    If you are throwing an all-day outdoor party or weekend event, you will want to take extra precautions to preserve your balloons. We always recommend having balloons indoors. If they need to be outdoors, please place them in a cool shady area and make sure they are secured.


  • After Delivery
    Please be aware that while not a exhaustive list, the following things/events can pop your balloon and/or affect your balloon’s float time: Doorways, awnings, cars, metal, sharp surfaces, pointy things, hot surfaces, letting go of the balloon (either intentionally or by mistake), the weather (rain, snow, hail, wind, tornadoes).


  • Safety
    Do not breathe helium from a balloon. Although nontoxic, breathing it can result in loss of consciousness due to insufficient oxygen. Do not release balloons outdoors. Power failures can result if these balloons become entangled in electric lines. Popped latex balloons present a choking hazard for small children. Do not leave small children unaccompanied with balloons. No child under 8 years of age should be left alone with a balloon



While we use the highest quality balloons, and take every precaution necessary with your balloons to ensure they last through your event, once the balloons are delivered they are out of our control and thus care is within your hands.